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Whether you want to stop smoking, sleep better, be free of perfectionism, learn to be relaxed and stress free, become confident or change your life in another way; we are here to help you make real, deep and ongoing change.

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Ashley Howe

I specialize in serving those who wish to thrive by cultivating a deeper sense of purpose, confidence, joy and creativity. I enjoy supporting and empowering those who are seeking clarity during times of personal transformation. 

Specializing In:

- Freedom from perfectionism and self criticism

- Releasing old patterns and habits, finding clarity, direction and purpose. Relief from anxiety, worry and discontent

- Women wanting to shift from living in fear to embodying confidence and inner strength


wyatt schaefer

I feel deeply inspired by helping people become free of mental distress and self-destructive behavior; particularly the painful experiences of addiction, depression, eating disorders and OCD. Deep relief and healing is available; I will guide you in this process. 

Specializing In:

-Smoking Cessation

-Relieving stress/overactive mind

-Integrative Health, Balance and Mental Well-being



Ashley’s class on self-hypnosis informed and enlightened me about the power and effectiveness of deep relaxation, self-awareness, clear intention, and hypnosis’ ability to influence the sub-conscious. The techniques she taught us allowed me to explore, understand, and begin to redirect deep-seated, unconscious behaviors that I have been struggling with for decades. Her approach is welcoming, educational, hands-on, and supportive.
— Marcy T.
Wyatt has helped me shift negative self-talk, embrace deep change, and find a level of acceptance and peace with myself that I had not thought possible.
— Grace E.
Ashley helped me dislodge the ways that I was keeping myself stagnant, and build a self-acceptance and understanding that is now the bedrock of a fulfilling and inspiring creative life—a life which is more connected, loving, compassionate, and free.
— Catherine E.
I went to see Wyatt without much hope of hypnotherapy working, but it was an incredible experience and I jammed as many sessions as possible into my limited time in Asheville. Wyatt was terrific helping me with generalized anxiety as well as family issues that I thought were packed away very tightly. It was such a positive experience I had my adult son and my husband go for sessions. I have noticed a considerable improvement in my ability to stay calm in situations that usually cause me a great deal of panic and anxiety. I can’t wait to be in Asheville again to get a “tune up.”